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BHlthSc (Health Promotion)
Childbirth Educator
Hypnobirthing Australia™ Practitioner

Childbirth classes

My Birth Tooklkit Antenatal Class **from $500**


 I am passionate about helping couples prepare for birth, including:

  • learning about how the mind and body works during labour
  • tools to cope with labour
  • understanding pros, cons and alternatives to common interventions
  • how to avoid unnecessary procedures
  • increasing confidence in the natural birth process
My Birth Toolkit is a private, 6-hour course.  This is conducted in the comfort of your own home (or mine if you prefer).  This is incredible value as they include ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and the first year after the birth. :)

  • 6 hours
  • in your home (or mine if you prefer)
  • private session
  • supplementary online material (videos and articles)
  • workbook and handouts
  • gift for mama
  • ongoing support

**Please note if you are located more than 30 mins from Mount Annan there is a $50 travel fee applied.

My Birth Toolkit - Program Info

My Birth Toolkit is a comprehensive and condensed birth preparation course which is delivered in one full-day session. This class is VERY UNIQUE! The sole focus is on learning tools which can help you to have a more comfortable and empowering birth. It's all about what to DO.


In addition to learning over 50 PRACTICAL TOOLS (incorporating both active- and hypno-birthing principles), you will also have access to the ONLINE course (which includes additional material such as videos, articles, forum, quizzes and much more!) PLUS ongoing support from me.

It is the perfect preparation for every mama and birth partner!! :)

It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about birth including:
- how your body works during the birthing process
- how your thoughts and emotions can affect your experience
- natural pain relief options
- medical pain relief options
- pros, cons and alternatives of medical interventions commonly used in birth
- how to make informed decisions and communicate with your care provider
- birth partner coaching
- breastfeeding information and support
- how to bond with your baby
- baby care skills
...........JUST TO NAME A FEW!! ;)  

The program is presented with quality materials including powerpoint, videos, handouts, anatomical models and engaging activities. It is highly encouraged to bring your birth partner with you to the classes - this could be your husband, partner, mother, sister, relative, friend or doula! The cost is the same if you attend alone or with a partner.

Tailored Session **from $400**

There is also the option of having a 4 hour tailored session.  This option is for you if there are specific topics you want me to focus on that isn't covered in My Birth Toolkit - e.g. baby care.  I will completely tailor the session to your needs - all in the comfort of your own home.  This also includes ongoing support.


  • 4 hours
  • in your home (or mine if you prefer)
  • tailored, private session
  • handouts
  • gift
  • ongoing support

**Please note if you are located more than 30 mins from Mount Annan there is a $50 travel fee applied.


I offer ongoing support throughout your pregnancy and after the baby is born.  My Bold Beauiful Birth Facebook Group is the perfect place for us to keep in touch. You can easily contact me anytime to ask questions from me or the other mothers in the group. I post articles and videos in the group, and am also only a phone call away. Click the icon below to join now! xxx

It is completely up to you when you would like to attend these classes, however, I recommend attending earlier in your pregnancy rather than later (for example, in your 2nd trimester). This will help you to feel confident, calm and positive from the very beginning and will give you plenty of time to work through any issues (e.g. emotions or fears) before the birth. Also, many of the tools are more effective during the birth if you have practiced them throughout your pregnancy.

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